Nails from about two weeks ago. Did rainbows, suns, and clouds (one with rain). I’m not so happy with the base coat, it’s too pastel and shimmery and I would have preferred a sky blue (which I don’t have yet). It also started chipping relatively fast whereas the other polishes lasted longer, meaning I had to remove the whole design earlier than I had wanted to.

The design was inspired by a look of Hey, Nice Nails, you can find it here.
Check out their blog, they have some amazing designs!

Polishes used:
Red: Rimmel "Double Decker Red"
Orange: nails inc for InStyle
Yellow: Barry M "Yellow"
Green: Barry M "Emerald Green"
Dark blue: Barry M "Cobalt Blue"
Light blue: La Femme Beauty "Ultra Blue"
White: Barry M "Matt White"

This post is posted on Tuesday 7 February 2012.
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